Product Manager

Newark, Delaware, United States

Job Summary

Are you interested in computers and electronic products? Are you planning to indulge in an adventure in the fast-growing e-commerce industry? Then, this is the perfect choice for you. As a Product Manager at PCOnline, one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies, you will be joining our talented and passionate Product Management Team responsible for “Product Development & Market Analyzation” and “Cross-Departmental Collaboration” internally and externally. Our base salary starts at $4000-4600/month (Junior PM) and $4600-6000/month (Senior PM). All training needed to perform the job will be provided. 

      Essential Duties and Responsibilities

      Include but are not limited to: 


      Product Development & Market Analyzation

      • Investigate changing market trends and execute market research to support new product development and purchase decisions

      • Engage in every exciting yet challenging stage of new product development through detailed product analyzation and comprehension 

      • Create elaborate Purchase Proposals for anticipated products along with their dedicated Sales Strategies  

      • Create precise Action Plans for assigned products and execute the plans through the collaboration with different teams

      • Track and record relevant sales data and adjust sales strategies as needed based on dynamic market trends 

      • Request and receive feedback from different departments to implement operation and marketing strategies in the life cycle of assigned products by balancing sales velocity, GMV, and profitability

      • Perform sales summaries and reports to further enhance our company’s efficiency and advancement   


      Cross-Departmental Collaboration 

      • Provide supporting details for the Digital Advertising Team to customize advertising plans and promotions based on sales goals

      • Provide product characteristics for the Marketplace Operation Team to build action plans for inventory allocations, designing of product displays, and creation of product descriptions

      • Leverage insights from report analysis to enrich product listings’ contents and advertising/promotion strategies

      • Communicate with cross-functional teams to effectively promote our products based on various circumstances


      Basic Qualifications and Requirements

      • Bachelor’s degree is required, but higher degree is highly preferred

      • All majors are welcomed

      • Knowledge of computer hardware systems is highly recommended; passion for electronic products is highly preferred 

      • Possess strong willingness to develop new computer product lines through multiple marketplaces

      • Ability to maintain a keen attention to details, multitask, and work well under pressure is required

      • Strong leadership skills are required

      • Bilingual abilities in Mandarin Chinese and English are highly recommended

      • Familiarity with Microsoft Office or Google Workplace is required


      Preferred Qualifications and Requirements

      • Master’s degree and above is preferred

      • Excellent communication skills are highly desirable

      • Excellent problem-solving, analytical, and organizational skills with experience in identifying business opportunities and building a product strategy are needed

      • Demonstrated ability to formulate and drive data-driven decisions is preferred

      • Experience with managing and selling computer products on e-commerce marketplaces is highly desirable

      • Previous working experience at major US online marketplaces (Amazon, Newegg, Walmart, eBay) is desirable


      Perks and Benefits 

      • We are open to accepting candidates with OPT and CPT. We are open to considering H-1B sponsorship. 

      • We offer comprehensive medical insurance options (including vision and dental plans), paid time off, paid holidays, and relocation bonus for new hires who need to move from other states.