Executive Trainee

Newark, Delaware, United States

Job Summary

Are you interested in e-Commerce and always feeling energetic? As an Executive Assistant to PCOnline, you will provide advanced business and administrative support to the COO. This is a Manager in Training opportunity, a challenging role that requires the candidate to demonstrate sensitivity to new things, possess skills in critical thinking, communication, business negotiation, efficient responsiveness, and excellent teamwork. You will also serve as a liaison to the COO and senior management team, promoting the development of the company's internal business, overseeing the progress of various projects, and organizing and coordinating external business cooperation. Candidates will be trained into well-equipped management talents, mainly focusing on marketing and business development. This position is in Newark, Delaware. The base salary for executive assistant positions is $5,000-$6,500 per month (junior) or $6,500-$8,500 per month (senior), with year-end bonus ranging from 1-3 months of base salary.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Include but are not limited to:

Internal cooperation

  • Cooperate with various departments of the company, such as Marketing Department, Marketplace Operation Department, Business Development Department, IT Department and Technical department.

    • In cooperation with the Marketing Department, you will participate in the discussions, develop marketing strategies and assist the Marketing Department to connect with suppliers on supply chain related tasks. Design and develop relevant strategies to implement business plan according to the development goals and directions. Work closely with the Product Manager team to develop effective sales and marketing strategies, for example, high margin, steady growth plan or low margin, but high quantity plan.  

    • Collaborating with the Marketplace Operations Department, focus on product content, build customer/client relationships, manage company accounts externally, and maintain contact with external marketplace operations managers to deepen connection.

    • Work with the Business Development Department to participate in developing business partnerships, such as with manufacturers, suppliers, supply chain partners, etc., in order to maintain existing business and develop new channels.

    • Team up with the IT and Technical Departments to update business process changes, determine the volume of business needs between China Branch and the US Headquarters to ensure the right interfacing on the company level.

External Communication

  • Be responsible for cooperating with business partners, regularly attending meetings with suppliers and vendors, engaging in business negotiations, and having capability to participate and develop business plans.

  • Investigate the qualifications of various business partners, study business proposals in depth, and provide data and fact-based recommendations and solutions to support decision makers’ to make informed decisions.

Administrative Support

  • Manage the scheduling of meetings and events.

  • Coordinate a large number of internal and external meetings and ensure effective meeting minutes are documented and followed up on accordingly.

  • Work closely and effectively with the COO to fully understand upcoming commitments and responsibilities and to appropriately follow up and help complete key deliverables and projects.

  • Facilitate smooth communication between internal departments, support teams and leaders, and maintain credibility, trust and support of senior management .

  • Understand business priorities, focus on product operations, maintain and expand business partnerships, and assist different product teams in developing effective sales and marketing strategies.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Junior Level:

    • Master's degree or higher, or Bachelor's degree with at least one year of relevant work experience is required. Any relevant majors are welcomed to apply.

    • Candidates with 1-3 years of experience are preferred, but not required.

    • Excellent communication, time management skills and proven ability to meet deadlines are required.

    • Have strong ability to take initiative and work independently with little supervision and to perform additional duties as assigned by the supervisor.

    • Ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment is required. Ability to adapt to the changing needs of a fast-growing tech company and be able to work flexibly in terms of responsibilities and responsiveness. Flexibility with working hours are needed for the role to meet the business needs and to attend necessary meetings.

    • Bilingual abilities in English and Mandarin Chinese are preferred. Proficiency in Mandarin Chinese may lead you to work more internally with teams and mastery of English renders more external-facing opportunities.

    • Having the ability to put things in perspective to align vision and strategize on the company level is required in order to support the primarily Marketing department and technical-related departments. 

    • Possess a high level of confidentiality and discretion in handling sensitive matters and continuously demonstrate excellent resilience and decision-making abilities on issues that directly impact the company's global operations.

    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, presentations, agendas, reports, special projects and other documents are required.

    • We are open to accepting candidates with OPT/CPT. We are open to considering H-1B sponsorship.

    • We offer comprehensive medical insurance options (including vision and dental plans), paid time off, paid holidays, and relocation reimbursement.
      paid holidays, and relocation bonus for new hires who need to move from other states.

    Senior Level: The following qualifications are required in addition to the junior level qualifications and requirements.

    • Master's degree or higher and 1-3 years of relevant experience are required.

    • Strong decision-making skills and the ability to take initiative to find solutions to problems are required. Being highly observant and having strong problem solving skills are needed.

    • Great organization skills are required to ensure effective execution of multiple tasks.

    • Have the ability to collaborate with employees at all levels and in all departments throughout the organization.

    • Have great data analysis and presentation skills and continuously improve efficiency at work through various methods, such as process improvement.